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Taking Care of Your Body

While there are some simple tips for those who are looking to stay healthy. Most people know that they should exercise, eat healthy and avoid smoking. However, there are things that people can do to take care of themselves. This includes seeing a doctor regularly, and a dentist as well. Having all of the needed […]

McDonald’s to Make Happy Meals Healthier

Beginning this upcoming September, children will be receiving apples with their McDonald’s Happy Meals — along with fewer fries. McDonald’s initially experimented with completely removing French fries from the menu, but the company says children and parents rebelled in response. They decided to bring them back, but this time in a smaller portion. By the […]

Women With Depression Have Increased Risk of Stroke

According to a new report, depressed women may be at a higher risk for stroke or cerebrovascular accident (CVA). Scientists discovered that a history of depression has been linked to a 29% increased risk of stroke even after considering other stroke risk factors. Another finding from this study is that women who use selective serotonin […]

Somalia Facing Cholera Outbreak

World Health Organization (WHO) announced on Friday that 18 people seeking medical attention at hospitals in Somalia had been confirmed cholera positive through laboratory tests. WHO spokesperson Tarek Jasarevic told reporters that the 18 positive cases were confirmed thanks to 30 stool samples collected from patients seeking hospital treatment for acute watery diarrhea, a symptom […]

Japan Researchers Create Sperm from Stem Cells

Fertility scientists in Japan created sperm-producing germ cells in a laboratory and implanted them into infertile mice and after the treatment, these mice were able to produce healthy offspring. The discovery, which has been described by experts as “hugely exciting”, could help thousands of infertile men become parents if the process proves similarly successful in […]