LifeVantage and Some of the Advantages of Weight Loss

lv3Losing weight does more than give you an excuse to shop for new clothes and prevent diseases such as diabetes and heart attacks. There is also more to it than simply saving on healthcare costs that you will probably need.

Here are some other things that losing weight affects:

-Energy levels. When you lose weight, you often find that you are capable of doing more and are more easily mobile. This is due to the fact that the more pounds you carry, the more energy that your body has to use to do the things that you need to such as climbing stairs.

-Improved memory. A 2013 Swedish study of brain scans on older women on a weight loss program found that as the women lost weight, there was more activity during the encoding process and less during the retrieval. For reasons still largely unknown, it is women who are overweight and pear-shaped who are especially affected by poor memory linked to excessive weight.

-It also lowers the risk of cancer. This is due to the fact that carrying excessive weight tends to inflame the cells, which can trigger all sorts of abnormal changes. Losing even just five percent of bodily weight very siginificantly lowers this risk and the risk continues to lower as the individual’s weight continues to drop.

-It has been found that weight, does, in fact, influence taste buds. A study at Standford University recently revealed that those who reported that food had intensive tastes to them were more likely to keep on losing weight (even if they had done so by cosmetic surgery) than those who reported duller tastes.

-When you carry extra pounds, working out can feel like a chore with burning joints and lungs. However, once you start to lose pounds, it feels more like a fun play. The key is to simply start small so you don’t strain yourself and then work your way up.


LifeVantage products work according to the latest found in scientific research at the cellular and even molecular level. Their PsychIQ products especially are designed to help with weight loss. Their protein shake, for example, helps to curb the appetite by changing the release process of proteins. Their other products help to melt fat and to improve digestion. When all of the above function properly, they play significant roles in helping to lose weight and keep it off. They also help to boost energy at a faster rate.

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